Traveling Builds Character

I absolutely love this article, “Date a Girl Who Travels.” It sums up a majority of my values, my characteristics gained from traveling and my reasons for traveling. Here are a few quotes from Stephabroad’s article that I really related to:

“She doesn’t dote on possesions but rather treasured experiences.”

Starting off with her first statement on being less materialistic, this definitely shows when backpacking through Europe for a month, carrying only the essentials needed, while leaving everything else behind- sometimes things I initially thought were necessary. When I wonder if carrying that extra 5 pounds on my back from hostel to hostel is really worth having the luxury of choosing between three different jackets that all have the same utility, I’d definitely opt out of the luxury of having options. ONE good jacket is all I need and this applies to everything else I’m carrying, that is if it’s worth carrying at all!

We live for our experiences- and traveling gives me the richest experiences I can find. I value the adventures in the Amalfi Coast more than the limoncello I bought as souvineirs (though they do make delicious gifts). Postcards that capture the beautiful landscape bring back memories far more treasured than some nail polish bought from Sephora.

“She navigates unknown cities with a great sense of direction but also enjoys spontaneity of getting lost.”

I agree with this one whole heartedly. I can read any map given to me and find my way to my destination, even if it means jumping from 4 different modes of transportation. But on some days, I just jump on a bus with one goal- to discover somewhere new. And when I get lost, I simply enjoy it and explore some more!

My favorite pass time while living in Milan as an exchange student was jumping on the tram after class to explore a new part of town. I’d purposely switch through a number of buses to get lost (silly right?) with the intent of discovering a new part of the city in a whole new way. All I had on me was my school backpack and an old school map that I would use to find my way back to my dorm when I was done exploring. This plan never failed to bring me adventure and a sense of freedom from, ironically, not planning. The plan was to not plan.

“She engages with wordly company learning the history, culture and behaviors of societies, which is sure to impress…She is used to befriending strangers.”

Definitely the reasons I love to travel. I love learning and socializing, and there’s nothing like learning through first hand experiences and actually applying the languages learned by speaking with locals on that 30 minute tram ride to the city center.


My first sighting of Milan's Duomo in the city center


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